Over the last ten years Intercounty has been making in-house fibre and feather cushions to our customer's custom templates. Having our own team of seamstresses has enabled us to offer our customers a great service with a massive range of products.

  • Fibre seats and backs
  • Bolsters
  • Pillows and scatters cushions
  • Foam core cushions with a feather or fibre wrap


All Fibre is blown into the cases allowing us to a get smooth finish, unlike if you did the job by hand. We also stock and use many outer fabrics for cases. We can meet all your needs, whether that’s a Crib 5 case or Waxed Lining. We use only top of the range Full Loft Conjugated Siliconized Fibre, which we import by the 40ft container load, giving us the ability to offer you the best prices. For all inquiries into our fibre and feathers please feel free to ask a member of staff. All work undertaken.

Feather & Fibres


commercial AND TRADE ONLY