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commercial AND TRADE ONLY 


We are regularly asked to produce strange curved shapes for the soft-play industry. These can vary from wobbly men, to dolphins, to giant stars. 

 In each case we are able to take a customer’s drawing and turn it into a reality without a physical template.   

We took the customers 2D drawings and turned them into complex 3D shapes using the right foam for each part of the object. 

Recently we were asked to produce a foam shell for a mechanical sparring partner: a punch bag that punches back. The client's designers provided us with a 3D model of one section. 

We identified the correct foam for the application. Then our CAD people broke the design into smaller parts. These parts were cut by our Wintech CNC machine and assembled by our team.  

We fitted this outer foam shell to the internal parts. The result was sent to an upholster for covering. 

We transformed a complex 3D model into a complex 3D object. 

Our experience in working with other manufacturers, designers, upholsters and 3D models made this possible. 

Wintech Case Study: Mechanical Sparring Partner

Wintech Case Study: Racing Car 3D Jigsaw

The Wintech 500 allows us to produce complex and interesting 3D shapes. It also allows us to mass produce 2D shapes. The objects below were all produced on our Wintech.Click on any them for more details. 

Wintech Case Study: Curved Soft-Play Shapes

3D model client sent us. Design subject to copyright. Patient pending.

Wintech case Studies

One of our more interesting creations was a life-size foam supercar. 

 This was made out of over 40 large foam components, each individually upholstered in racing colours. 

 Together they formed a 3D jigsaw for children to assemble.   

 The customer sent plans for each component, we transformed them into a workable form, and then executed them. 

Output sent to upholster